Enzo's letters: part seven

Grave news and a call to action

Dear Marina,
While I prefer to keep my correspondence light in tone and conversational, today I must bring you grave news and a call to action. My own adventures have been relatively straightforward: kill this foul-smelling troll, size up that foresty elf person, ride Vivaldi yet farther into the tattered borderlands of civilization.

But as we discover more about these hags, it is becoming clear that their overall goal is not simply to stir up trouble among the peasantry and the prison population. These tiresome magical beasts and undead are being assembled into an army capable of striking at the only target in the valley worth conquering: Yhilport itself.

Consequently, I must reluctantly ask two things of you. I hate to think of our beautiful homestead being put into disarray, but it is absolutely critical to our family’s long-term prospects that you secure our most valuable possessions and prepare the household for possible attack. You’re the only one of us with the persuasive gifts to get the whole clan working as a unit.

Speak to father’s territorial instinct and mother’s pragmatism. Cosimo will leap at the chance to prove himself at arms. Gisela will think the whole thing terribly exciting. Even Alfredo will for once be useful: any lore about the creatures I’ve described that he can prize out of those dusty old books of his could prove useful.

This brings me to my second, and altogether more awful request. Please ask Alfredo, in the most respectful terms possible, to see what he can find out about “night hags.” (I asked Soris, to make sure I was getting the name right.) I know, as does anyone who has been in earshot of him when he’s in a bragging mood — which is to say, any mood — that his pre-eschaton library has few equals in Nimre. Gods know he has spilt enough from the family purse amassing it that there ought to be something useful in there.

In particular, I need to know how to fight these creatures. Any stories of them being defeated, trapped, tricked, or bargained with could prove useful. If you can convey this information to me with all possible haste, I will once again be in your debt. If anyone can get him talking — about something of interest to anyone other than himself, I mean — it’s you.



coffeebadass doctordisaster

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