Enzo's Letters: Part Three

I am a Mantova and I will quit myself cordfully

[The writing on this letter is skewed in all different directions, the penmanship wobbly. There are so many ink and drink stains on it that they overlap in many places.]

Dear Marina,
Hellooooooooo! In the tavern again. I think I’m going to buj buy the tavern. Can I puy a tavern? Ask Cosimo I’m sure he on’ won’t mind.

Parsley is a great big netal lizard !!!! gods Magic is stupd.

I fund found a bunch of old boks. Im reading them. Well I will read them.

[Smaller, in the margin:] Read? That looks wrong. I maen the one that sounds like ‘reed’ not the 1 that smells like ’red."

I got more stuf! Magic stuff. I got a bag and a stick that doesnt move. Also a real nice sord but but not a real nice magic sword, just a real nice regular sword. and some pretty dice! I played a lot of dice tonight but don’t worry Im real good even drunk.

(Have I told you I’m drunk yet?

I jus read the whole letter and I didnt tell you I’m drunk yet! Im real drunk. I think I won MORE mony not lost mony (monye? sp) but I haven’t counted it yet, there are a lot and I keep loosing track.

Here’s the thing, Marina. You are my best friend and I love you so much. I miss you so much in this shithole. I also miss my tailor

But you know how I almost died? I told you in the last leter. It was bad But it made me think about it, these gosts and skellitons and dragons an zombys (did I say about the zombys?), I can’t take any of it seriously!!!!

but I was thinking, it’s all so stupid like from 1 of Gisella’s plays, but I was thinking I cant think about it that way. It’s real stupid but it’s also real* danger.

[Smaller, in the margin:] * Real like not fake not real like very.**

[Even smaller, below:] ** Actaully both come to think of it

So it make made me think I can’t keep treating this nonsense like nonsense, even if I want to laugh I have to fight like I woud woudl fight a real enemy. No mercey no horseshite no more waving just one dagger at them and wishing thel theyll go away. Fighting them ironicly wont make them less real. (but it might make me more dead).

I wont give Alfredo that sasitfaction. Or Instagram the halfgoat. (I think se she doens’t like me). I am a Mantova and I will quit myself cordfully!

Anyway Im going to keep trying to drink away what I found out about Marley. I’ll fold this up and post it to you now before I forget thogh, along with the other one I alredy did. I think You should know all about this as soon as posibble. I am a good brother that way.

Have a good night,


coffeebadass doctordisaster

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