Potion Crafting

Ignore everything you see in the 5e PHB & DMG, because it’s punitive. here is how it works at my table:

Potions as a general category are liquids that simulate the effects of spells up to 3rd level. As well, there are potions that have other general effects; healing potions being the obvious example, things like the giant strength potions are another.

If you have the ability to perform alchemy or herbalism , you can create potions. You need the requisite equipment (alchemy or herbalism kit), materials, and either a spellcaster that can render the appropriate spell into your potion, or a recipe that circumvents the need for a spell. If you do not have the materials, It will cost approximately half the listed retail cost for a potion to acquire them, depending on market factors. The time required is equal to one day per level of spell in the potion. If it is not specifically tied to a spell, as a general rule, it’s one day per level of rarity – one day for a common, up to five days for legendary. This can vary depending on the specific details of a recipe.

Anyone with Proficiency with an Herbalism Kit has recipes for the following:

Potion of Healing
Potion of Greater Healing

Anyone with Proficiency with an Alchemy Kit has recipes for the following:

Alchemist’s Fire

Potion Crafting

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