Rona Outpost

The outpost is the farthest settlement upriver from Yhilport, on the southern bank of the Suleskard, barely a mile from the Bullywug Swamp. It is populated almost entirely by a military garrison and prisoners serving hard labor.


The city of Yhilport maintains a perfunctory garrison of one hundred soldiers at the Rona outpost, to keep the bullywugs from making incursions upriver and as a watchpost against any other unusual events. As well, the garrison is tasked with maintaining the labor camp of prisoners sent from the other settlements.

Prison Camp

Criminals who find themselves unable to pay fines, or have done particularly egregious deeds that do not quite qualify them for execution, are sent to Rona to serve out sentences performing hard labor. Fishing, bog farming, and excavation are common tasks.

Everything Else

In addition to the barracks and necessary buildings to maintain a garrison and labor camp, there is one small inn and a few locals that mine or forage the nearby mountains.

Rona Outpost

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