The Eschaton

This is the name given by the elves to the catastrophic event that reshaped the surface of Taloren and removed all magic from the world. Very little is known about the event itself, facts lost in the passing of time and buried in legends and myths. The date of the Eschaton is used for the reckoning of years – Post Eschaton, or PE.

Among other things, the Eschaton ended magic and seems responsible for the shortening of the lifespans of the more long-lived races. The return of magic seems to be reinvigorating the old races.


Magic has been slowly returning in unpredictable bursts, beginning in the year 982. Localized events have occurred on every occupied land mass in Taloren, manifesting as sudden flares of light, music, or other unexplainable phenomena. In each instance, any living being within the area of the event has found themselves magically ‘attuned’ – long-dormant magical items operate in their presence, and some have even been able to draw on arcane energies to resurrect sorcerous and wizardly arts.

Arcane Studies

The return of magic has been met with guarded optimism by the elves. They have historically been the most talented race in the arcane arts, and managed to preserve some fragments of their ancient libraries. However, they discovered that arcane magics do not seem to work quite as they should – carefully recorded spells and scrolls may or may not function, or sometimes misfire. The elves formed and Arcane Council to research and seek to find as many examples of magical writings as possible, as well as attuned individuals, in the hopes of discovering a way to fully restore magic, and to possibly create a cipher that will allow for an error-free method of translating the old magics to modern use.

Divine Energies

Much of the theology of Taloren was lost in the Eschaton, but a dedicated few sects kept their worship alive in the absence of divine presence. The magical event that has been widely accepted as the first occurred in 982, on the first day of spring. Temples and churches all over Taloren suddenly found long-dormant sacred fires suddenly alight with divine energy, holy symbols suddenly glowing, and similar phenomena. As with the problems discovered in the arcane, the divine arts also seem to be somehow limited or skewed from historically recorded potency, though they seem to be slowly growing.

The Eschaton

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