Village of Iona

Iona is the third territorial village upriver from Yhilport, established in 961 PE. The village is perhaps half the size of Llanda, but is still more of a proper village than Rona outpost.


The villages of Tain and Llanda are older and more solidly established as per the progression of expansion into the valley. As such, Iona tends to draw the rowdier scofflaws of the valley as a place to work and play out from under the thumb of the Yhilport authorities, yet not so close to Rona as to have to contend much with the garrison. The racial distribution is much the same as the rest of the valley settlements.


The Yhilport-appointed mayor is a grizzled old dwarf by the name of Urlak Fartracker. He acts more as a frontier sheriff than as a bureaucrat, bringing swift justice when necessary, but keeping a loose rein on the overall chaos.

Casually Known Information

Skipstone Tavern
The main watering hole in Iona. A rough place, but the center of social interaction in Iona.

Village of Iona

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