Village of Llanda

The village of Llanda is the second territorial village in the valley. It was established in 953 PE as a mining outpost and as a waypoint for further travel into the valley.


Like most of the rest of the valley, The population is mostly human and dwarvish, with a large number of gnomes and halflings, and a small scattering of half-elves and elves.


Ostensibly, all of the territorial villages are governed by a mayor appointed in Yhilport. In practice, Llanda is run by a three-person elected council. Elections are held yearly during midwinter, and each seat is held for three years – one is elected every year. Traditionally, the seats are held by a merchant, a miner and a farmer.

Current Mayor

Cartor Percidan, a foppish scion of a prominent Yhilport family

Current Council
Lindy Rockaxe, Female Dwarven Innkeep
Haggle Joggleslicer, Male Gnomish Miner
Ris Tigit, Male Human Farmer

Points of Interest

The Amorous Unicorn
Owned by Brandle and Lindy Rockaxe, it is arguably the finest inn in Llana. Known for stout food, stout beer, and a popular place for the local dwarves to socialize.

The Raging Owlbear
Owned by halflings Albert and Vonda Holsapple, it is the other side of the finest inn argument. lighter foods and wine are more popular here.

Alchemy By Demand
Operated by a young human named Edward, mostly caters to the needs of the local miners and lapidaries.

Rosemary’s Tinctures and Sundry
This halfling provides basic potions, herbs, and related goods.

the “Magic” Shop…?
Easily mistaken for a ramshackle home, it is owned by an odd gnome named Trank who keeps his collection in a cellar-vault beneath the house.

Many other professional tradesmen, as well as a fresh goods market in the town square on most days.

Prominent Citizens

In addition to the above mentioned,

Mari Stoutbiscuit, female halfling, captain of the Llanda city garrison

Village of Llanda

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