Downtime Actions

Hey kids! So over the next few weeks while I am out of town and people are busy with plays etc, the in-game time will progress one month to mid-December. During this time, you can assume that no major upheavals are happening anywhere near where you guys are, and that you are free to take some downtime and pursue things that aren’t super time sensitive at-the-table things. For those of you that have never done a timeskip or a downtime for a game before, here are a few suggestions of things you can accomplish during this period:

Make Things – potions, weapons or armor, anything you can do with skills your character possesses.

Buy Things – this one is kinda obvious, I suppose. Restock, find rare goods, have special items commissioned.

Research Things – If there is a subject or item that has interested you or you feel like it would be worth knowing more about, you have the Moon Temple library resources at your disposal, assuming Ran lets you in.

Investigate Things – Any loose ends, mysterious figures, stuff like that, that you may want to poke around and see if you can learn more about.

Travel short distances to safe destinations (Tain, Hindohr, Llanda, etc) – If Del wants to go back home to access resources there, for example.

Scout/Explore – look around the near area and wilderness fringes for anything of interest.

If something else occurs to you that you want to do, tell me and I’ll tell you if it is feasible.
It would be best if you can reply back to me within the next week, to give me time to respond, clarify, write things for you and/or make item cards before we get a chance to game again.

Since Obsidian Portal is being crappy, just email me your stuff –

Downtime Actions

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