Gods of Taloren

Religion is a bit of a mess in Taloren due to the long absence of magic – it affected both arcane and divine magic, so a world accustomed to having the gods on call had to do without that luxury for a millennium. But, just as arcane magic has begun to reactivate, so have the divine energies. Some temples were never abandoned, and the return of the divine caused a sudden rekindling of sacred flames, etc. As of right now, these are the deities that are responding to their traditional worship – more may be discovered. The gods are referred to by titles rather than names.

The Vindicar
Domains: War, Tempest
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: A large, stern-faced man with a long beard
Symbol: Glaive

The Harlequin
Domain: Trickery
Alignment: Any Chaotic
Description: Female with demonic features
Symbol: Nine-pointed star

The Sun (or Lord Sun)
Domain: Life, Light
Alignment: Any Good
Description: Athletic, smiling, cheerful man
Symbol: Stylized sun

The Moon (or Lady Moon)
Domain: Knowledge, Nature
Alignment: Any Neutral
Description: Pale woman, dark hair, secretive smile
Symbol: silver circle, variants dependent on alignment and domain

The Guardian
Domain: Light
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: A suit of full plate armor with glowing eyes in the helmet
Symbol: Shield

The Watcher
Domain: Tempest, Nature
Alignment: Any neutral
Description: A panther, or a man with the head of a panther
Symbol: Talon

The Smith
Domain: Knowledge, Light, War
Alignment: Good or neutral
Description: Varies, but always dwarven
Symbol: Hammer

The elves tend to favor the Moon, and the dwarves favor the Smith, though neither race are exclusive to their favored deity.

There are rumors of evil gods as well as others of more specific domains, but you’re going to have to dig that information up if you want it. Or it may find you :)

Gods of Taloren

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