Hindohr was established in the southern range of the Nimre Valley in 742 PE, near the site of fragmentary ruins of what was once a mighty dwarven kingdom. The primary purpose of its founding was to find the old domain, recover whatever was left, and to rediscover the mithril vein that had been its source of wealth.

Mithril is one of the rarest metals on Taloren, whose refining is a closely held dwarven secret. In the Eschaton and the years following, the sites of the few known mithril veins were lost. Hindohr was one of the first excavations to be established on a rediscovered site, and despite having had no success in finding the old vein, a new treasure was found – azure piezium. As well, the bulk of the mineral wealth excavated in the valley comes from Hindohr and its surrounding areas. The dwarves are also in high demand for their stonecutting skills, as most buildings in Nimre are stone due to a lack of decent timber.
The city and its territory is considered by dwarven law to be a thaneship, as it is not populous enough yet to establish itself as a kingdom. The current ruler is Thane Narl Crackhammer III.

The discovery of azure piezium was taken by the more devout members of dwarven society as a gift from the Smith, their racial deity, despite having had no luck in drawing upon divine power since the Eschaton. As such, Hindohr has become a very popular place for religious dwarves to live and worship. The return of magic served to strengthen this further, and Hindohr is quickly becoming the religious center of dwarven culture in Taloren.

Enzo’s notes:

To-do list:

  • Save hole in ground from buttholes
  • Kill buttholes Mostly already dead :(
  • Resolve chaos of inter-butthole power plays One set of buttholes keeling over dead sort of took care of this
  • Ensure supply of azure piezium
    • Making moves to advance outsider-friendly temple of Olrun

People of Interest:

Thane: Narl Craghammer

  • Old
  • Clueless

Vizier: Tabor

  • Butthole
  • Cheap

Rock Giants

  • Going to kill buttholes if they don’t stop waking up monsters
  • Grateful we killed well of brains
  • Perfectly reasonable, actually

Smith Priest: Baldrick

  • Drug-addicted religious fanatic
  • Probably has squids in his brain
  • Butthole Supreme
  • Dead

Olrun Priest: Hilda

  • Not a butthole


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